A visionary yogi is a person who has the wisdom of his or her own body and mind. A visionary center has this same goal toward thousands of people. As a “That is why I do” organization, we want to give good energy to the world.

To achieve this future vision, we emphasize on the actual engagement of spiritual and physical aspects of cultivating the body and the mind.

Are we speaking about meditation? Or are we speaking about exercises? We are speaking about both. We believe that none of these can exist without the other.

My life became so different when I started doing yoga. I was transformed from a tired workaholic to an energetic joyful person.

Wonders started to happen ever since I started engaging yoga with my Buddhist background. Regardless of your faith, I now extend my open invitation for you to join my group and get a taste of yoga and be part of our vision of becoming a thriving, and socially engaged yogic center. Confidence and trust is within everybody.

We want to see many successful yogis in the years to come

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