Yoga has its own mission: one that unites the body and the mind. It brings all humans to the peak of their potential. Its power is so immeasurable that one can only fathom it by doing actual yoga, not without.

Over the past 2,500+ years, yoga has been adopted by millions of practitioners around the globe. With the vision of being a socially engaged and active group, we will extend our invitations to all the interested, experienced, and non-experienced spiritual or non-spiritual seekers to come and join with us and build bridges to illumine the many lives. Located in Sri Lanka, a country where Buddhism has been thriving over 2500 years, our aim is to yoke the yoga into the hearts of many seekers locally and internationally.

Together, we will debunk common misconceptions about yoga and find incredible ways yoga can change, innovate, and redirect your life’s path or find your own unique mission in this entire universe.

Take a glimpse at a yoga gathering in Sri Lanka. Visit our facebook videos here:

The thoughts from the bottom of the hearts

The thoughts from the bottom of the hearts

Posted by Prana Yoga Sri Lanka on Sunday, February 10, 2019

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